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Chief Financial Officer

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Vice President Human Resources

David Cahill

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Life at Cahill

Working At Cahill

Meet Gabe Iturriaga

What’s a day in the life of a Cahill employee like? Say hello to Gabe Iturriaga. Originally from Mexico, Gabe now lives in Nova Scotia with his family where he works remotely for our Western Canada operations. As our newest Vice President, Gabe brings a wealth of expertise and major project experience to his managerial role. He also plays a significant role in the successful collaboration with other teams and divisions across the country. Establishing trust and building relationships with remote teams is the key to success. Gabe has the utmost confidence in our teams executing projects in the West.

Life at Cahill

Working At Cahill

Carving Your Own Career Path

We don’t believe in silos. Or pigeonholes. Rather, we encourage growth and development at every stage of your career. Our annual review process identifies programs, training, and development based on your professional goals. Working directly with an HR lead, we’ll help you carve out a career plan. Entirely employee led and driven, our career advancement pathways will help get you to the next level.


The Cahill Group is taking measures to ensure business continuity while prioritizing the health and safety of our people, companies, clients and communities. We remain open with revised visitor protocols, physical distancing requirements, increased cleaning, staggered work hours, and remote work arrangements. To keep employees safe, we are following advice from public health officials.