Our engagement commitment.

Cahill is committed to working effectively and cooperatively with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities and businesses. These relationships have the same significance and pledge of corporate resources dedicated to other partners and stakeholders that are considered strategic to Cahill’s current and prospective businesses.

Our three key pillars.


We commit to establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with the local Indigenous communities, including our employees, customers and contractors.


We commit to creating an environment where sustainable opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in Canada is a certainty. This will be achieved through community support, local capacity building, business prospects, employment and training opportunities.


We commit to developing an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture, and to building an organizational culture that is welcoming and inclusive of Indigenous people.

Guiding Principles:

To build and sustain positive, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Communities, we have aligned our Indigenous Strategy with our Guiding Principles. Cahill is committed to reconciliation and to the long-term benefits for Indigenous communities through the following guiding principles:

  • Insisting all employees and subcontractors follow our guiding principles;
  • Engaging with Indigenous and community groups impacted by our operations;
  • Understanding and addressing the needs and interests of the communities we serve through sincere discussion and transparent engagement;
  • Pursuing partnerships with communities and Indigenous groups on business opportunities that deliver shared social and economic benefits, and working collaboratively to develop new infrastructure solutions;
  • Developing partnerships with non-profit organizations and offering support through employee volunteer efforts, expertise and financial support;
  • Building mutually beneficial commercial relationships with local suppliers.

In this way, Cahill assists in a nationwide call to reconciliation.

Indigenous Relations

Progressive Aboriginal Relations

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

Trust is not something that can be demanded or assumed. Trust, like respect, is built over time and maintained through many small actions. At Cahill, we recognize that establishing trust is a series of steps we take to foster and strengthen relationships with our employees, partners, and communities.

Cahill has been working with Indigenous communities since 2002 and in 2021, earned the bronze certification in the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) program, Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR). The CCAB has provided opportunities for Cahill to learn from leaders in the field and guided the company’s Indigenous strategies and relationships.

In striving for this certification, Cahill will be working closely with its community partners to do its part in the economic and cultural reconciliation of this country.


Some of our successful collaborations.

The Iskueteu partnership specializes in construction and operations support for industrial projects in Labrador. We are committed to developing lasting and rewarding business partnerships that leverage the talents and experience of Iskueteu’s partners and the broader Inuit and Innu people of Labrador.

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Makwa Development Corporation and Cahill have joined forces to create a fully qualified Indigenous company. Makwa-Cahill works to provide nuclear and energy clients a socially balanced, local, cost effective, and technically compliant fabrication and maintenance solution made in Ontario.

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Cahill and Noha, the independent business entity of the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, have partnered to support ongoing projects in Alberta, as a fully integrated, turnkey service provider. Noha is working with energy producers at all stages of a project’s life cycle.

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The Cahill Group is taking measures to ensure business continuity while prioritizing the health and safety of our people, companies, clients and communities. We remain open with revised visitor protocols, physical distancing requirements, increased cleaning, staggered work hours, and remote work arrangements. To keep employees safe, we are following advice from public health officials.